The Feed the Neighborhood event has been held each year on the second Sunday of August for 19 years. It is an event that is geared toward helping elementary students and their families in the area. We have accomplished this through feeding, serving, and empowering those that attend. Throughout this time span, more than 53,500 people from the Enid area have been directly impacted, and 22,000 kids have received school supplies. That is a total of more than $995,000 invested in the education of Garfield County students.

how feed the neighborhood began

Back in 1998, a small group of people from the Enid community wanted to reach out to the individuals of Garfield county. They decided to hold a small event called Feed the Neighborhood providing food and games for families. The volunteers wanted to give each of the kids at the event a prize for playing the games. They gave the kids an option between candy or school supplies, such as erasers, pencils, crayons, etc. Not even half way through the event all of the school supplies were completely gone. All of the kids chose school supplies over candy! Through this event, the volunteers stumbled upon this unknown need in our community: the need for school supplies. From then on Feed the Neighborhood became centered upon supplying the basic need for school supplies in the Enid community.  It has grown to be a city-wide festival that feeds, serves, and empowers the people of the Enid area.