Feed the Neighborhood is hosted by Making a Difference, Inc. (a non-profit organization in Enid, Oklahoma). In 2008, the 501(c)3 was created in order to grow Feed the Neighborhood from just a one time a year event. In 2012, Justin Simmons and Kelli Osburn took the 501(c)3 and started a counseling targeting kids and youth. Since then, Making a Difference, Inc. has grown, helping families in the community through various services. Last year, we launched a 6+ character building class at Longfellow Middle School where we had 50+ students attend! This year, we expanded our impact by starting a Monday-Friday After-School Program called Vertical for all Middle School students in the Enid area. This program is centered around building positive character traits in each of our students that attend the program. We are excited to see what this program can do for the students of Enid, OK! 

More information at www.enidmad.org